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Welcome to the world of Simply Home Cinemas, your ticket to a “Real Home Cinema” experience. This website will show you the many criteria that we believe are critical to achieving an optimal home cinema installation. We believe in listening to your home cinema goals and interests and putting them first. We believe in listening carefully to you and striving to correctly understand your needs before offering solutions. We believe that your needs are best served by employing experienced specialists that focus exclusively on cinema installations.

A Simply Home Cinemas home theater package contains everything you need to turn any room into an elegant and affordable home cinema environment. Our theaters are designed to produce stunning high definition images for viewing your favorite television shows via cable or satellite and movies via DVD or VCR, and our custom designed speaker systems use advanced bass management and room acoustical calibration to deliver unparalleled audio performance. These systems can also be used for enjoying your favorite video games, displaying digital imaging slideshows, or even surfing the Internet to view your favorite web sites, all in life-sized proportions.

Simply Home Cinemas offers homeowners creatively designed home theaters that deliver great value, are very reliable and are easy to use. Simply Home Cinemas proactively engineers all aspects of our home theaters with emphasis on the room acoustical design, to ensure optimal performance and customer delight.

By committing our resources to nothing but Home Cinema projects, we can offer you systems that have superior design and testing, so you can spend less time waiting for the system to be completed and more time enjoying it as quickly as possible. We believe in having the most experienced, qualified and caring individuals designing and installing your home cinema. We are not satisfied until YOU are satisfied.

With over 20 years of home cinema design expertise, Tony Tangalos has the experience to identify and respond to your needs with the best possible solution. Tony has worked in the finest homes in Arizona and has applied the best elements of these systems into today’s affordable cinema designs for your enjoyment.

Please visit “What is Real Home Cinema” for a brief summary of what we find to be the most critical aspects of optimal home cinema design expertise.

Tony Tangalos (President)

A home cinema designed and installed by Tony Tangalos won several first place awards at CEDIA 2001, including
Best Home Theater – Level 5 (highest level)
Best Home Theater Architecture

We've had numerous completed cinema installations featured in dozens of national and local publications including:

U.S.A. Today, Arizona Republic, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Robb Report, Audio Video Interiors, Home Theater Magazine, Electronic House, Sound & Image, Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona Foothills Magazine.