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    Listed below are a few of the seemingly endless design criteria that we have found essential to the proper design and installation of a “Real Home Cinema”. To experience the ultimate in home cinema design, please visit the “contact us” page and either e-mail or call to schedule a private tour of our breathtaking showroom.



At Simply Home Cinemas, you are buying a complete home cinema environment, with architectural and interior design elements that are inseparably interrelated to the audio and video performance. The concept of a “whole being greater than the sum of its parts” is most appropriate in the home theater design and installation process as each design element in your cinema often significantly affects the acoustic and visual performance. Without a trained home theater expert applying these design decisions, severely compromised results often occur. With Simply Home Cinemas, you are buying an integrated package that coordinates all elements into a package that is built, wired, tested, programmed and debugged before it arrives in your home.

The founder of Simply Home Cinemas, Tony Tangalos, has a career spanning over 20 years in the residential electronics industry. In October of 1997, USA Today listed Tony as one of the first seven innovators to demonstrate HDTV technology in the U.S., and the first in Arizona, years before other competitors. Tony was also the first in Arizona to integrate Proscenium Arches and Acoustical Room Treatments in his award winning home theater designs. These design elements significantly improve both the acoustics and aesthetics of the “Real Home Cinema” experience, and contributed to Tony’s “South Beach” project winning CEDIA’s coveted “Best Home Theater Level 5” and “Best Home Theater Architecture” awards at the 2001 CEDIA national awards. More recently Tony has pioneered the implementation of CineBassTM advanced bass management techniques and sophisticated room acoustical calibration for ensuring superior sound in every Simply Home Cinemas environment. (back to top)

Your room is the most critical “component” in your system, far more critical to your optimal experience than any electronics decisions.
Listed below are a few of the dozens of specific criteria that Simply Home Cinemas engineers into our home cinemas for an optimal aesthetic and acoustic experience.(back to top)

Customized to suit your room. The architectural elements discussed below have certain essential design criteria that are critical to the proper acoustics and aesthetics of the “Real Home Cinema” experience. Simply Home Cinemas provides the following unique design services:

  • Proper room dimensions to minimize reverberation. This is the single biggest mistake most home buyers, architects and home builders make, and are also the hardest to mitigate.
  • Ideal column placement to aid in breaking up specific standing wave frequencies while also complementing the overall décor of the room.
  • “Proscenium arch” design, which we have been doing for over a decade, allows for:
  • Inspiring visual “sight lines” to draw attention to the screen.
  • Ideally located yet cosmetically disguised front speaker placement.
  • The perfect location for illuminating and framing a motorized curtain.
    Proscenium arches also greatly contribute to the mitigation of audio standing waves and improvement of the room’s acoustics by significantly reducing reverberation. Despite the overwhelming benefits a properly engineered proscenium arch adds to the “Real Home Cinema” experience, few other A/V firms have the interest or expertise to design and install such a valuable design element.
  • Wall arch elements that complement the architectural balance and symmetry of the room.
  • Custom Engineered soffits that allow for lighting fixtures and disguised projector enclosures to be incorporated into the overall architectural and acoustic design.(back to top)

That yields exceptional performance in the most difficult to manage lower frequency range.

  • The principals of Simply Home Cinemas consistently pioneer new technology, and CineBassTM bass management is the latest example of innovation in home cinema design.
  • Our CineBass(TM)system involves deploying a large complement of subwoofers to ensure that no one subwoofer works too hard; the result is effortless bass reproduction, as a large number of drivers must only move a fraction of the distance that only one or two subwoofers must to create the same sound pressure level. Furthermore, since the drivers only move short distances, they can stop and change direction much easier, reducing cone distortion and greatly improving transient response.
  • Balance is Key. By strategically placing our subwoofers in your cinema, we can greatly mitigate the widely disparate bass frequency coherence (nulls and nodes) in your cinema. With CineBassTM, the nulls and nodes often shrink from +/- 12 dB to +/- 3 dB.(back to top)

That dramatically improve both the appearance and performance of your “Real Home Cinema”.

  • The magic of enjoying technology is in disguising it so that it is not visible. Simply Home Cinemas goes to great lengths to install all equipment and speakers in a manner that completely hides them from your view in the “Real Home Cinema” experience.
  • Correct seating riser heights, riser depths and seating placement are critical to achieve a proper visual and acoustic effect. This is one of the most overlooked elements in cinema design.
  • Nothing completes the home cinema experience quite like a motorized curtain opening at the touch of a button, as the lights slowly dim and the movie begins to play.
  • Assorted finish treatments will be designed or provided such as drywall, paint, carpet, tile, millwork and acoustic paneling, depending upon the interiors package you select.
  • We offer the widest selection of decorative accessory items for in and around your cinema space including movie posters, wall art, pillows, popcorn machines, and a host of other themed interior design items.(back to top)


  • Publishing a typewritten electrical power schedule for all powered items in your cinema space effectively communicates this information to your electrician.
  • Simply Home Cinemas offers typewritten lighting fixture schedules at all price ranges for your cinema lighting needs. We have selected fixtures that are specifically suited to cinema lighting.
  • Proper lighting design can really enhance the appearance of a “Real Home Cinema”. Effective lighting can have a magical impact on creating the right ambience for your environment.
  • We combine this lighting design with value engineered lighting control systems that allow for cost effective remote control of all your cinema’s lighting.(back to top)


  • We review HVAC design and provide appropriate recommendations so that HVAC supply and return duct work ran to the cinema space is properly installed so that it does not adversely affect the audio and video performance.
  • Simply Home Cinemas installs thermally triggered ventilation systems at both the equipment “head end”, as well as at the projector enclosure to help prevent overheating.
  • If desired, a separate zone of air conditioning and a separate thermostat for the cinema space can be added for maximum viewing enjoyment.
  • If necessary, the supply and return ducts can be treated with sound deadening materials and additional turns to further reduce the noise from the air handler.(back to top)

Designed to minimize noise levels outside your cinema.

  • Stagger studded walls yields only about 10% of the sound isolation improvements in a Simply Home Cinemas theater.
  • By employing our vast experience using specialized drywall products, sound absorbing coatings, isolated flooring elements, along with a host of other specific treatments we can keep the impact of your theater contained IN your theater, as well as minimize outside noises from interfering with the enjoyment of your cinema experience.

Design of the space.

  • Proper speaker placement is another critical element that we carefully manage. By precisely engineering the room size and running it through acoustical modeling programs, we can pinpoint precisely where the speakers should be located to ensure ideal acoustic imaging in the greatest number of seating locations. This is really a science similar to an auto manufacturer identifying the ideal “wheel base” of a car.
  • The proscenium arch greatly aids proper front speaker placement by allowing for disguised yet ideally located front left and right speaker placements.
  • Although the room soffit can often be used as a disguised video projector enclosure, there are trade offs–widely varying manufacturer vertical offset limitations impact precisely where a projector can be positioned in a room and still properly format to the video screen without keystone error.
  • By incorporating primarily IN-WALL speakers and subwoofers that sound outstanding, and then hiding them behind acoustical speaker grill cloth, we raise the bar on how good a sound system can look and sound to a different level.(back to top)

To improve audio imaging and minimize reverberation.

  • By combining the proper balance of absorptive, diffusive and reflective acoustical panels and identifying their precise location based upon expert acoustical modeling, your room can perform at a level that is simply unattainable without these elements.
  • We also have the widest selection of specialized acoustic cloth options to accent your room décor without adversely impacting your room’s acoustics.

of individual components to ensure optimum performance and ideal compatibility; value engineered for your “Real Home Cinema”.

  • Selection of the very best performing and most reliable components to maximize your return on investment.
  • Proper video screen sizing and height off the floor for optimal viewing. We ensure that your video image hits that magical “sweet spot” size where it is as dramatic as possible without crossing the fine line into overdone. As each client’s tastes differ, we suggest that you personally audition the proposed screen size at the distance YOUR seats are engineered to be from the screen.(back to top)

To extract the maximum performance from your cinema electronics.

  • Your home cinema will not be complete until our team of experts comes out and tunes your system to your room.
  • We employ a litany of specialized audio and video test patterns, signal generators and test equipment software and hardware to properly calibrate your room.
  • This is the “bow tie” on the system that elevates the performance to the highest level possible. (back to top)

Throughout project completion.

  • During all phases of completion, an experienced Simply Home Cinemas project manager will be available to oversee and supervise all phases of design implementation.
  • Specifics of the project management process are included in your sales agreement.(back to top)

To ensure simple and reliable operation of the cinema for every member of your family.

  • If you cannot easily use the system, all the other elements are insignificant.
  • We test and burn in your remote weeks if not months BEFORE it enters your home. Other firms test and troubleshoot your remote for weeks if not months AFTER it enters your home.(back to top)


  • Simply Home Cinemas wants you to be confident that you have made the right purchase decision. Each Simply Home Cinemas system comes included with a one year warranty that cover most every service issue. Extended warranty options are available in your options selections.
  • Full details of our warranty policy are included in your owner’s orientation kit.
  • Simply Home Cinemas also includes a troubleshooting section to your orientation kit that addresses commonly experienced concerns such as how to restore a system after a power outage, and how to “reinitialize” a system when some component is not functioning as expected.(back to top)

Simply Home Cinemas uses its experience and knowledge to “value engineer" its systems for maximum value. We allocate funds to each category of components, speakers, wiring and room treatments to achieve the maximum performance for each budget level. Our ability to choose the right products for maximum value is something we are frequently updating so we can provide the latest advancements for your home cinema.

The process of selecting equipment alone is very challenging, and it involves the application of more than 20+ years of experience. After years of trial and error, we have chosen the best vendors to supply equipment that is compatible with our goal of maximizing value and performance. If you are looking for the best “deal” on specific gear, and that is your only priority, the internet wholesalers are waiting, and Simply Home Cinemas is not for you. If you are looking for an electronic lifestyle solution to your home cinema needs, engineered for optimal performance through integrating architectural and interior design elements to achieve the best overall solution in a manner that the Internet and other firms cannot offer, Simply Home Cinemas is the best firm to complete your “Real Home Cinema”. (back to top)

Are you receiving the best price, the best VALUE for your investment? Our equipment pricing is competitively priced with the major chains in the valley, and our packages included significant architectural, interior, acoustical and lighting design elements that we charge little or nothing for.

What you are really receiving from Simply Home Cinemas is our ability to make your “Real Home Cinema” perform and appear better than others can for the same investment. You are receiving many integrated design elements that are not available from other firms at any price.

We recommend that you experience a demonstration of any system that is proposed to you so that you can assess the value of the video and audio system yourself as they compare to others you may experience. Our commitment to you is that A Simply Home Cinemas system will represent the best value, at any price.(back to top)